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Jeff Bezos' partner participated in a Vogue photoshoot within the '10,000 Year Clock'—discover the significance of the structure constructed beneath a mountain. 3

. The Ingenious Power Source: Visitor Interaction and Solar EnergyDiscover how the 10,000-Year Clock harnesses energy through visitor engagement and solar power, ensuring its perpetual ticking while being nestled within a protective mountain.

2.Love in the Time of Timekeeping:
Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s JourneyExplore the romantic journey of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez, from the announcement of their engagement in May to the origins of their relationship in 2019 amid the backdrop of Bezos’ public divorce.
3. Engineering Timelessness:
The Visionary Concept of the 10,000-Year ClockDive into the inception of the 10,000-Year Clock, conceptualized by inventor Danny Hillis and championed by the Long Now Foundation in the 1990s, with Jeff Bezos playing a pivotal role in its realization through a substantial financial contribution.
4. From News Anchor to Sky Navigator: The Multifaceted Lauren SanchezLearn about the diverse career of Lauren Sanchez, from her days as a news anchor for Fox 11 in Los Angeles to her current role as a licensed helicopter pilot, adding a unique dimension to the Bezos-Sanchez story.Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ fiancée, recently posed for a Vogue photoshoot inside the intriguing ‘10,000-Year Clock’ funded by Bezos. Located deep beneath a mountain in the Sierra Diablo Mountain Range in Western Texas, this unique timepiece has a captivating backstory.The clock operates on a distinctly slow rhythm. Its hands move deliberately, with the “century hand” ticking once every 100 years, and an attention-grabbing cuckoo alarm that sounds only once every 1,000 years. The remote location adds to its mystique, situated several hours away from the nearest airport and nearly 2,000 feet above the valley floor.In the Vogue feature, Sanchez shared her experience of reaching the clock, describing it as “quite a workout.” The clock resides near Bezos’ ranch in Van Horn, Texas, known for hosting Blue Origin rocket launches. Sanchez, adorned in a glamorous red Dolce and Gabbana dress, was photographed on the clock’s staircase.According to Sanchez, the 10,000-Year Clock symbolizes the future, yet she also envisions it as a potential venue for a lively Halloween party. This artistic timekeeping creation, conceptualized by Danny Hillis and the Long Now Foundation, provides a unique perspective on the passage of time in contrast to conventional watches.

Bezos initiated financial support for the clock project in 2011, aiming to inspire contemplation on the long-term implications of our actions over decades and centuries. The concept of this thought-provoking timepiece was originated by inventor Danny Hillis and championed by the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering long-term thinking, during the 1990s. Bezos played a crucial role in bringing this visionary idea to fruition by contributing $42 million to the project, empowering engineers to bring the 10,000-Year Clock to life.

Visitors or solar energy can power the clock, and its integration into a mountain ensures protection from the elements.Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez announced their engagement in May, marking the culmination of a four-year relationship. They commenced dating in 2019, a period coinciding with the public disclosure of Bezos’ divorce from his ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott. Sanchez, a licensed helicopter pilot, previously served as a news anchor for Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

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