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When hackers attack, every IT and cybersecurity specialist in a company goes on high alert. This is the moment they’ve been working towards—it’s time to put their training to use. To be competitive and effective, security analysts must remain current on the latest forms of cyberattacks and understand how hackers think and work. A hacking simulator is one of the finest methods to achieve this.
For students in this sector, a hacker simulator is essential for supplementing classroom information with real-life events. This allows cybersecurity professionals to gain personal knowledge without jeopardizing the organization for which they work. This post will teach you about the finest hacking simulators for pros to utilize to develop their skills and uncover vulnerabilities in their company’s network.

An Information Security Analyst’s Role

First, let’s speak about the personnel in charge of defending against hackers. According to a recent Forbes article, cyberattacks will be the number one risk for global businesses in 2022.1 A hacker is predicted to be able to successfully infiltrate an organization’s computer network 93% of the time.2 To tackle the growing threat, an increasing number of businesses are hiring specialized security specialists to preserve, manage, and defend their data.

As a result, there is a great need for cybersecurity personnel who can successfully counter cyber assaults. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 33% increase in employment opportunities between 2020 and 2030, with an annual compensation of $103,590 for people who assist in maintaining a company’s computer systems safe.

What exactly is a hacking simulator?

A hacking simulator is a software application used by cyber and IT teams to simulate real-world scenarios and cyberattacks. Anticipating hostile people’s behaviours requires far more than theoretical knowledge—you and your business must understand how your system’s capabilities and weaknesses will react in real time. With a hacking simulator, you may discover potential attack vectors, create a strategy to enhance your present security processes and put that plan into action to thwart potential assaults.

The Best Hacking Games and Simulators

There are online platforms and hacking games that may help you progress your penetration testing and other cybersecurity abilities by presenting you with realistic challenges based on real-world scenarios. A hacking simulator may help you comprehend a hacker’s perspective, test a network for potential flaws, avoid advanced threats, and assure the security of a company’s data and compliance.
There are several hacking simulation games to pick from, depending on your degree of competence and the sort of challenge you seek. The top hacking simulators are listed alphabetically below:

Bandit Hacking Simulator

The Bandit wargame is a free educational program with 34 levels that you will advance as you complete various hacking tasks. This hacking simulator teaches beginners the fundamentals and technical abilities, with increasing levels of difficulty as the game advances.


Discover what occurs when your computer network or server is attacked without having to deal with the consequences. This real-life cybersecurity game is unique in that it is specifically developed for web developers, system administrators, and security specialists. As a player, you will construct your server and then defend it while assaulting the servers of other players. The main goals are to improve your abilities and find new ways to hack the system.

Grey Hack

Grey Hack is a wonderful place to start if you want to obtain deeper, more realistic insights into how hackers operate. This realistic single-player or multiplayer game has a Linux-style desktop with a command line and basic tools. Tutorials teach how to play the game. You’ll be downloading tools as you go, and the command line will be utilized to scan for holes that the player will subsequently attempt to exploit.

Hacker Simulator

Hacker Simulator, which was published in 2021, is created with authentic hacker instructions, such as utilizing a Deauth Aireplay attack to decrypt WPA2 and WEP keys. The tasks in the game are based on real-life circumstances to provide an authentic hacking experience.

HackmudThe Hackmud multiplayer hacker simulator game for the PC is text-based and may be played both online and offline. By solving a series of problems, the offline game teaches users how to hack systems. Online, users create scripts in an attempt to deceive other players and protect their earnings. The game’s primary focus is database administration and Javascript.


This terminal-based PC game, introduced in 2015, features a simple UI and teaches network fundamentals. It has an engaging plot and allows users to mimic acts such as network jamming and system hacking. It is accessible for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box is a website that allows people to improve their penetration testing and cybersecurity abilities. Players can share ideas and advice with other hackers on the gamescape’s forum. Its online realistic hacking tasks, some of which are based on actual incidents, are periodically updated. Sharpen your talents by hunting for system flaws that may be exploited to obtain ranks and badges.

NITE Team 4

This military-themed hacking simulation game has an interface similar to that of a cybersecurity expert’s computer screen. It is mostly text-based, and to hack into the game’s systems, a command-line interface is utilized. What it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in realism. You’ll also learn standard computer jargon, which can come in handy when working with other IT teams. Hackers acquire information in this text-based puzzle game so that they may execute orders to complete numerous mini-games. It contains a tutorial to teach you how to use the tools, as well as the option to design your missions.


The PicoCTF hacking simulator, created by security specialists and Carnegie Mellon University for middle and high school students, provides multiple obstacles through a unique plot which you must hack to conquer the problem. Security breaches and reverse engineering scenarios are included. Hackers can compete for rewards in yearly tournaments on the website.


In the Uplink role-playing game, you will act as an agent for a huge organization, hacking into competitors’ systems and networks. You might delete data, steal sensitive information, disrupt a computer system, participate in money laundering, or frame innocent people. You earn money for your hacking efforts, which you may use to improve your talents, raise your agent status, and enhance your system. As the game proceeds, projects grow increasingly difficult.

Get Real About Cybersecurity

Nothing compares to a real-life, full-scale cyber assault, no matter how many simulations and practice exercises you run. And when the call comes, you want to be certain that you can answer it with confidence and clarity. The best approach to prepare is to concentrate on yourself, study, and seek professional help.

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