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Top Crypto Coins to Invest In: The 3 Hottest GameFi Token Launches of H2 2024

As crypto investors seize the opportunity to buy the dip in the second half of 2024, GameFi tokens are becoming a popular trend. In this article, we dive into the best crypto investments now and reveal which gaming cryptos—NOT, PIXEL, and SAGA—could boost your returns this year.

2024 has already seen the launch of some major gaming projects, with GameFi heating up after a slow 2023.

Meme coins have dominated for over a year, but as we move into the latter half of the year, analysts and investors are viewing GameFi as a highly undervalued sector.

Here are three of the biggest gaming token launches this year, plus a bonus presale that could be the next big hit.

Top Crypto to Buy #1: NotCoin (NOT)

NotCoin (NOT) is the biggest GameFi token launched this year, and it’s likely to remain the leader throughout 2024. Built on The Open Network (TON), it launched earlier this month following a highly successful airdrop farming campaign with over 35 million unique participants. At launch, NOT peaked at $0.0145 with a fully diluted valuation (FDV) market cap of $1.48 billion. Since then, it has retraced significantly, currently trading at $0.0055 with an FDV market cap of $570 million.

Top Crypto to Buy

The airdrop and launch of NotCoin have been well received by the market. In a sector often marred by hidden private investments and influencers receiving large token supplies, NOT’s airdrop campaign has been hailed as one of the fairest in recent memory. Despite the current dip, NOT is just getting started. The Telegram-based gaming project has announced plans to continue offering token rewards, with a roadmap that includes the launch of several new games on the platform soon.

Top Crypto to Buy Now #2: Pixels (PIXEL)

Pixels’ peak price was $1.02, with a circulating supply market cap of $730 million, back in March. Based on the current circulating supply, it has since dipped to $0.34 and a market cap of $265 million.

The top game on Ethereum is behind one of the most significant GameFi token launches of the year. Pixels, a relaxed farming game for more casual gamers, launched the PIXEL token in late February. It is built on Ronin, an Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain specifically designed for GameFi. Pixels has been incredibly successful, with user numbers rivaling those of Axie Infinity in 2021. During its token launch week in February, Pixels generated over $1 billion in trading volume due to the immense hype surrounding the project. Despite GameFi’s current decline in popularity compared to meme coins, Pixels continues to attract hundreds of thousands of daily users.

Top Crypto to Buy #3 – Saga (SAGA)

Saga distinguishes itself from NOT and PIXEL by not being exclusively a gaming chain. Instead, it is a Layer-1 network that has predominantly focused on gaming since its launch.

Saga’s emphasis on gaming has been demonstrated through play-to-airdrop campaigns and the announcement of its in-house game publishing arm, Saga Origins. According to the team, approximately 80% of the projects on the Saga testnet are centered around gaming.

The SAGA token, launched in April, made a significant impact. Its Binance Launchpool campaign broke records, with investors staking over $13 billion worth of assets to earn SAGA rewards. Within 24 hours of its launch, SAGA peaked at $7.60, achieving a market cap of $684 million based on the circulating supply at that time. Currently, SAGA is trading at $2.05, with a circulating supply market cap of $190 million.

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